Labor Day in Bolinas

On Monday we wanted to celebrate Labor Day the best way we know how…hanging out at the beach! We took my friend Krista’s suggestion and headed to Bolinas, an artistic coastal town about 40 minutes west of where we live in Novato. It’s been a few years since I visited Bolinas and I had forgotten about its awesome funky, small-town vibe. Bolinas beach is no different, and along the beach runs walls with amazing graffiti.


Check out the hut someone built right on the beach! Complete with a couch, large branches for shade and surf board decorations. Little did we know when we set up camp next to this hut that it would be the site of a HUGE Labor Day party that even had a DJ! As we hung out on the beach, pretty soon the hut went from empty to this:


We spent the afternoon playing in the waves, meeting new people, and exploring the beach. One of our discoveries was an awesome ladder that drops down as you step on it!


My friends Krista, Nicole and I made sure to have a ladder photo shoot. Another scene from the day:


Brandon trying to wrestle our Frisbee from Bo, a new friend who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Though we were tempted to celebrate Labor Day at home, I’m so glad we decided to do something new and spend time at the beach with friends. A fun day at the beach gave me the energy reserves I needed to start a new work week. Though Labor Day weekend definitely wasn’t as healthy as I’d like it to be, it was worthwhile to let go and have fun!


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