Back into the swing

Nothing is harder after a long weekend then getting back into the swing of healthy eating and exercising. I only visited the gym once over the holiday weekend, and my eating was all over the place. I also realized that on Monday I was so busy I forgot to eat at all! Not even one meal. Who am I?

Yesterday I wanted nothing more than a few healthy meals, a gym session, and some quality time with this guy:

As soon as I arrived home from work, I grabbed Harrison, leashed him up and headed outside for some quality ball throwing time. Harrison is obsessed with his pink tennis ball and could chase it for hours if possible. He had a blast in the park near our house chasing his ball, running circles around me and releasing energy.


Such a goofball! After playtime with Harrison, I headed to the gym. I did a combination of cardio and strength, and finally incorporating some leg strength exercises into my routine. I think I need to make an appointment with a personal trainer since my current strategy for strength training involves wandering around and picking whatever machine for which I can understand the picture instructions. My strategy was pretty effective last night and I ended up getting a killer leg workout.

This morning I woke up feeling so much better – centered and energetic. Just comparing how I felt over the weekend with how I feel when I incorporate healthy meals and exercise into my routine shows me I need to be much better about staying on track.


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