A relaxing weekend and a day in the country

Happy Monday! I had such a relaxing weekend and woke up feeling rejuvenated and ready to start another week (not that I would have minded having another day off).

This weekend was the perfect mix of productivity, relaxation, and time with friends and family. I kicked off the weekend by meeting up with some girlfriends after work on Friday. We ate at Rosso Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar in Petaluma, which opened a few months ago. Everything was delicious and our waiter was fantastic. From there we walked a few feet to Dolce Vita Wine Bar, which is a favorite Friday night haunt of ours. I stuck with coffee since I was exhausted from a hectic week, but the atmosphere in the wine bar is great for a low-key Friday night.

Saturday morning I finished classwork and then headed out to meet my friend Noelle for lunch in Petaluma. We wandered around looking at menus until we found the Wild Goat Bistro. We split the meatballs as an appetizer, and the tuna salad I had was unique and really incredible. Later in the evening Brandon and I had a double date with friends and went bowling. I am typically a pretty poor bowler, but I actually broke 100 on one game! It was another great low-key activity- low-key was the theme of the weekend!

Yesterday morning I went to the gym and got in a great workout. My plan was to clean all morning, but after getting a text from a friend to meet up for lunch I again headed up to Petaluma and met my friend Jaime at Water Street Bistro. We chatted while overlooking the water and then wandered around the cute downtown shops before heading home.

The highlight of the weekend was heading to Lower Lake with Brandon to visit his family and meet one of his sisters who is visiting from Honduras where she lives with her husband and baby. His parents live on a large property in the country and have tons of animals….horses, chickens, sheep among others.

Exhibit A:


Brandon’s sister Lilly holding Sammy, the duck. Sammy was not thrilled about being held. We didn’t take many other animal pictures on this trip, but here are a few from our last visit.



These pictures also serve as excellent examples of height difference…:) Here we are bottle feeding one of their two sheep:


It’s always fun to visit the different animals! Especially since I grew up in a sprawling suburb, it’s fun to imagine Brandon growing up in the country surrounded by animals.

His mom cooked a great dinner of stuffed bell peppers (the bell peppers came straight from their garden), a salad with tuna, chickpea and cabbage and a casserole. The best part of dinner was meeting Brandon’s sister Lizzie and her daughter, Addison, for the first time.


We arrived back home near midnight. It was a long trip but well worth it. I’m so glad we had a laid-back weekend that was more relaxing and healthier than last weekend!


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