Meal Planning Day 2

Happy Friday! Day 2 of my meal planning experiment was definitely a success! It was so much easier to make healthy meals with a plan in place.

For lunch I made a pasta dish of whole wheat pasta with garlic chicken sausage, garlic, kale and bit of parmesan.


Brandon had the day off, so when I got home from work he had already started prepping dinner (best fiancé ever!). We made a caprese salad with lean chicken breast seasoned only with lemon pepper. It was delicious!


Pictured above is Brandon’s portion…huge! He’s 6’4 so his portions are typically way larger than mine (and he still finds room to finish off my food!).

In between meals, I snacked on chocolate covered pretzels dipped in peanut butter. I’m glad they’re almost gone because it takes all my will power not to eat the entire bag.

I took a day off from the gym yesterday because I’ve been feeling rather fatigued and headachy and felt like I needed a rest day. I think this is due to low levels or iron. Two reasons I came to this conclusion is that I typically feel sluggish the week after my period, which is common in women my age who have low levels of iron, and I recently learned that people who are more physically active need higher levels or iron. I believe I need to increase my intake of iron and vitamin C (which aids in absorption of iron) and plan to increase intake through food sources as it is both more effective and safer. I will keep a close eye on if this changes how I feel!

There are a few fun activities on the agenda this weekend including a comedy show, possible paddle boarding and a BBQ. I can’t wait!


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