A busy weekend

Monday again! Is it just me or do weekends keep getting shorter and shorter? Maybe it just feels that way because my weekend was packed with activities.

Last week was really busy, and when Friday evening rolled around I was tempted to stay in and relax. However, a big group of my friends were going to a comedy show in Cotati at the Redwood Café and I absolutely love going to comedy shows! They’re definitely hit or miss, but when the acts are good it’s worth it. Since the show was only $10 I was a bit skeptical but three out of the five acts were hilarious. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

I spent Saturday morning working out and cleaning and on Saturday evening my friends gathered once again to celebrate my girlfriend Jaime’s birthday. We met at La Rosa in Santa Rosa for cocktails and then headed across the street to Torch of India for our main meal. This was one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve tried, and there are quite a few great ones in the area. A few scenes from the restaurant:


My beautiful friends Jaime and Noelle (who are also sisters!).


Jaime blowing out the candles.

We ordered enough food for a small army and almost called it a night after dinner since we were so stuffed. After letting our food settle, we decided to keep the party going across the street at a new club called Space XXV. Maybe I’m just getting old but the music was awful. We couldn’t hear each other talk, I’m pretty sure my entire body was vibrating from the music pumping through the speakers, and I lasted about 10 minutes before I had to call it quits and headed outside. Everyone soon followed and we went elsewhere. Gettin’ old, for sure!


Me with Noelle and Roseanne.

It’s funny because our group used to go out all the time and party it up, but at some point in the last year everyone started gravitating towards fewer bar trips and more activities like BBQs or comedy shows. I guess we’re growing up?

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning and when Brandon got off work we headed out for an afternoon hike near our house in Novato. I stumbled across this trail last year when I visited the dog park and I was excited to share it with Brandon.


I have no idea what type of plant that is but I’d love to know! Brandon claimed it is an Indian Paintbrush but after we got back to the car a quick google search proved him wrong.


There’s an awesome creek that flows next to the hiking trail. We climbed down next to the creek and had a great time exploring and turning over rocks. It was a great way to end the weekend.


2 thoughts on “A busy weekend

  1. looks like a great weekend! i love comedy shows, i really need to start going more often. i always hold back because im like “what if its a bad show, its just painful to watch” but then i always end up laughing til my face hurts 🙂 and i know- i cant go anywhere anymore that plays really loud music. oh well 🙂

    • I’ve been to some really bad ones! I remember one REALLY awkward one where the entire routines of the comics consisted of making fun of each other, except for one guy who made dirty jokes the entire routine to completely dead air. Ahhh, so painful!

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