Yoga Meltdown

I have really slacked on going to the gym this week. I went Sunday and then didn’t go again until Wednesday. Yesterday I wanted to spend time at home with Harrison until Brandon got off work and we met up with some friends, but I also really wanted to get in a work out. I pulled out a DVD I purchased months ago but haven’t tried yet, Jillian Michaels’Yoga Yoga Meltdown.

I started with Level 1 and It is only half an hour long but it kicked my butt! Before I joined the gym, my main work out was yoga at home and this is by far the best yoga video I’ve done. My main reason for joining a gym was that even when I did yoga cardio videos I felt like I never worked up a sweat. I find Jillian’s no excuses attitude motivating, and by the end of the video I was a sweaty mess. My legs are pretty sore today too.

After Brandon got home we headed up to Rohnert Park to hang out at a friend’s house where we ate a pretty hearty meal of chili and jalapeno cornbread. After dinner we played Bohnanza, a card game that involves trading, selling, and planting beans. Sounds odd, but it is so much fun! It was a fun night!

I’m looking forward to the weekend! We have no plans, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few good workouts, and hopefully a hike on Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend!


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