Karaoke Saturday

Another week begins! Brandon and I were mostly hermits this weekend, except for Saturday when we managed to leave the house and socialize. We’ve been trying to cut down our spending and save for a house, so I’ve been finding myself at home more nights than usual. Being a fairly social person, I’ve never considered myself a homebody but I’ve really grown to love nights at home.

True to form, we stayed in Friday night after picking up a few salads at Whole Foods for dinner and watched about 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. Seriously addicted!

I have really been missing the gym, so Saturday morning I made sure to get in a workout right after waking up. I did a 30-minute cardio workout and then targeted my core with some oblique and back strength training. I felt like a whole new person when I left the gym, and after some prompting from a friend I finally left the house for a girls day with my friends Lisa and Machelle. Lisa dubbed the event “Champagne Saturday.” As you might imagine, Champagne Saturday involved an afternoon filled with champagne and girl chat and a little cheese and crackers as the cherry on top.

I left the girls at Lisa’s house to meet up with some friends for dinner at Hana Japanese Restaurant in Rohnert Park. My friend Ben is moving to Virginia to be closer to his girlfriend, so we had to give him a sushi send off! The sushi was fantastic, one of the best options in the North Bay for the price.

After sushi I heard from the girls that they wanted to keep the party going! I called Brandon to come meet us and together with Machelle, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband Jason we headed out to a bar in downtown Cotati called Friar Tucks.


The girls from left to right…Machelle, myself, and Lisa.

We were excited when we arrived and realized that Saturdays are karaoke night! Brandon and Lisa signed up for songs right away. Brandon sang “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest and Lisa sang “Billie Jean”. Both were awesome and I was very impressed with how comfortable they were singing in front of a group of people! I took more convincing, but eventually decided to sign up to sing “Don’t Stop Believin” in a group.


Brandon entertaining the crowd!

To stay healthy and save a bit of money neither Brandon and I drank at the bar. While we felt like old people (the bar is a college hangout and popular drinking spot), we had a blast and didn’t feel terrible on Sunday. Definitely a win! I haven’t sang karaoke in years and I forgot how much fun it is, especially when the crowd gets into it.


Cheesy couple photo. 🙂

Yesterday was spent with my butt glued to the couch. We watched the first Wolverine movie, which I thought was really good and then continued our Breaking Bad marathon. I went to bed super early and even woke up before work this morning to get in a workout! It was a great start to the week.


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