Nighttime Hike

Last night, I accidentally went on a nighttime hike. When I say accidentally, I mean that I keep forgetting we’re transitioning to fall and that the sun doesn’t stay up until 9 p.m. anymore!

My friend Krista and I wanted to get together and catch up yesterday, and wanted to do something a bit healthier than the typical “dinner and drinks” catch up session. We decided to go hiking, but by the time she got to my house the sun was already on its way down. We grabbed a flashlight and my headlamp (my favorite camping accessory!) and forged on light or no light.


We hit the trail right at dusk and managed to hike the majority of the trail before the sun disappeared. There is something really magical about hiking through the trees in dim light. Plus, the leaves have started to change colors so it really felt like fall! We had a great time catching up while doing something active. I only know of two hiking trails near my house in Novato, and I’m sure there are quite a few I don’t know about. I need to do some research!


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