Wild Goat Bistro

I had the best weekend! It was full of quality time with friends and my two favorite guys, Brandon and Harrison.

Work on Friday was kind of rough as I felt like I was coming down with something. I decided to take the night off from socializing and rest, and woke up Saturday morning feeling a thousand times better.

I squeezed in a great workout at the gym before heading up to Petaluma to meet a few girlfriends to see Don Jon. I didn’t really know anything about the movie before seeing it, and it probably wouldn’t have been my choice. I do love Joseph Gordon Levitt, but this was a really unusual role for him and I found a lot of moments in the movie a little disturbing.

Our post-movie lunch was far better! We walked around the corner from the movie theatre to Wild Goat Bistro. I love everything about this restaurant–the food is amazing and the restaurant is in the Great Petaluma Mill which adds a touch of history.





Both the pizza and salad were out of this world. The pizza had a really unusual combination – a fig spread for the sauce, topped with prosciutto and arugula. It was truly one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. The tuna salad had chopped spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, egg and a lemon dressing that made it really fresh and flavorful. We each drank a glass of champagne along with our lunch and enjoyed some quality girl time.

In the evening Brandon and I went over to a friend’s house for BBQ and board games. I tried to keep dinner healthy by sticking to lean chicken and veggies. Our friend Jason always cooks great food! After dinner we played a really fun game we dubbed “The Train Game” which consists of building railroad lines to connect to the destinations you’re given.


A crazy Saturday night, for sure. 😉

Sunday I spent the day with my other favorite guy, Harrison. He was excited to have me to himself alllllllll day long.


Can’t you tell? We spent the day cleaning (a.k.a I cleaned like a mad woman while he followed at my heels and got in the way as much as possible) and cuddling. It was fantastic!

Since last week was light on the workout front with only two trips to the gym and one hike, I’m hoping to step things up this week with a bigger focus on clean eating and exercise.


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