A Productive Weekend

Happy Monday! I had a great weekend, and have to admit that I was a little sad when Monday crept up again.

The silver lining is that next week is Thanksgiving and we’re going to Arizona to see family and friends. Brandon will be visiting my hometown for the first time, and I couldn’t be more excited to show him around! I also can’t wait to see my three best friends from home (two of them live outside of Arizona now, but they’ll all be home for the holiday).

We kicked off the weekend with a party for a friend’s birthday at Boathouse Sushi in Rohnert Park. I didn’t take any pictures since we were both starving by the time the sushi arrived. The rolls were delicious, but I thought it was a little pricey for what we ordered ($70 for four rolls and one drink each).

Saturday morning I got in a killer cardio and legs workout by following the routine my personal trainer created for me. I used the foam roller at the end of my workout, which definitely helped my legs recover. I left the gym feeling very accomplished. Weekend workouts are my favorite since I don’t feel rushed at all!

After my workout I met a few girlfriends in Petaluma to each lunch and walk around. We had fun chatting a checking out a few stores. I’m so thankful for my girlfriends! They’re so supportive and help me feel balanced.

Sunday morning Brandon and I spent the day doing errands…we finally planned meals and went grocery shopping and stopped to get my oil changed.

A few of the errands were more fun than the others! We stopped at a few jewelry stores to hunt for wedding bands. I have a unique engagement ring which makes it hard to match, but I did find a few options. Brandon ordered some samples to look at ceramic rings (he wants a black band) and we’re excited to look at them when they come in. Making progress!

Our really fun errand of the day was stopping at the Marin Humane Society to make a few new, cuddly friends.



Axel and Abby, quite possibly the cutest kitties on the planet. We’re considering expanding our fur family, but we want to make a very careful choice since adding a cat to our household will be quite an adjustment for Harrison. We visited the shelter to get an idea of what age would be ideal for introducing a cat to a home with a dog. While it was tempting to take both of these sweet babies home immediately, we want to be 100% in our decision so we decided to wait and think it over.

After making some new fur friends, we stopped at Dempsey’s in Petaluma for lunch. I think I’ve mentioned this restaurant before, and it’s definitely a favorite. Dempsey’s is known for creating dishes with unique flavor combinations and their menu changes frequently.

Brandon ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad.


He gets this every time we eat here, since it’s delicious and relatively light.

I decided to try something new and ordered an appetizer as my entrée, the Polenta Trio.


It was difficult to get an appetizing photo of this meal, but I can assure you it was delicious! The three toppings included blue cheese and caramelized onions, butternut squash and sage, and mushroom ragu all topped in a balsamic glaze. I loved the unique flavors of this dish. Delicious!

We ended the evening relaxing at home. It was a fantastic weekend!

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