Getting Ready – Hamm Party of 2

As Brandon and I prepared for our wedding day, we knew we wanted the day to be relaxed, fun and stress-free. We wanted to enjoy the day! We didn’t even really discuss our plans for getting ready before the ceremony but instead just went with the flow.

My best friend, Sera, and her boyfriend flew in from Las Vegas late the night before the ceremony and stayed with us for the next few days. Sera and I woke bright and early to fuel with coffee and head to the hair salon. We relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company while at the salon and I really enjoyed sharing that special time with my best friend.


After we got back to the house, things became a bit more hectic. My other bridesmaid, Allison, arrived to get ready with us. A close friend of mine offered to help with makeup (which was such a help!) and the four of us relaxed and drank champagne while doing our makeup.


The boys returned to the house (they had been picking up a suit for one of the groomsmen…nothing like doing things last minute!) and we all hung out together for awhile. The hubs and I aren’t superstitious, so we didn’t mind seeing each other before the ceremony.

Eventually the boys headed to the venue to start setting up, and I prepared for an exciting moment – stepping into my dress! Sera, Allison and Jena helped me get into my dress. We were actually SO relaxed while getting ready we didn’t realize we needed to get dressed until about 20 minutes before we had to be at the venue. There were a few hectic moments trying to pull last minute things together, but soon we were on our way to the venue.


Once we arrived, we went around the back to the bridal suite. The photographer met us there and began taking pictures of my mom and two bridesmaids.


I love this picture with my bestie –



And this one with my Kindergarten friend –


And of course, the picture with my mom. She’s so small, I feel like I tower over her!


Meanwhile the boys were also getting ready.


And doing very important things like this:


Eventually, the two girls headed out to check on the setup progress. My mom called my dad into the bridal suite so he could see me, and he seemed blown away which was very touching. He told me I was the most beautiful bride he’d ever seen. I think he may be a bit biased, but it made me feel beautiful nonetheless! Pretty soon the girls came in and told me we were ready to go. I felt nerves start to creep up – I was about to get married!

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