Wedding Recap – Festivities

Brandon and I got married on Sunday, December 29, 2013. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony and was everything we wanted.

We had planned on taking pictures together before the ceremony, but it turned out there was too much setup to be done beforehand. So after the ceremony, our photographer snapped a few pictures of the newlyweds.



We hadn’t planned on having a long reception (we just served cheese, meat, and cupcakes for dessert), so we wanted to squeeze in some time with our guests before beginning the after party.


Me with my girlfriends Noelle and Roseanne.


Brandon with Jaime and David.


My coworker Jena (who was so kind to offer to do my makeup for the big day!), her boyfriend Sean and their adorable daughter Avery.

After making the rounds, we sat down so the Best Man, Brandon’s brother Michael, and Maid of Honor, my best friend Sera, could make their toasts.


Brandon’s Dad also said a few kind words. I look terrible in this picture, but love that our photographer captured this special moment:


 It wasn’t long before we were saying our last goodbyes to the guests who wouldn’t be joining us afterwards and taking last minute pictures. I especially love the below picture of me with my two best friends, wearing our significant others’ jackets to stay warm.


After we had cleaned up, we headed to the Hopmonk Tavern with a smaller group of close friends for an after party. Besides the ceremony, this was actually my favorite part of the whole day! Everyone was in such a fantastic mood and our group had a great time savoring the moment!


I’m so grateful for our friends and family who made the day truly special. The love and support of our friends and family mean the world to us!

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