Balancing Goals and Living in the Moment

A few days ago I wrote about my fitness goals. I’ve always felt that it’s extremely important to have goals and be actively working towards them. Having goals keeps a person from feeling stagnant, from settling. But here’s the tricky thing about having goals…it’s easy to get so caught up reaching your goals that you forget to be present and thankful for what you’ve already accomplished.

Here’s a recent example from my life. I moved into my apartment about two years ago with a roommate. I love my apartment. It’s the first place I lived in for over a year after my post-college-move-around-a-lot phase. It has an adorable brick wall behind the stairway. It’s the first place I bought nice furniture for instead of hand-me-down furniture and decorated all by myself. I’ve always loved that it has two stories so it feels bigger than your average apartment. It’s where I lived while I was really finding out who I am. Then, about a year ago my roommate moved away and Brandon moved in. I grew to love it even more as it became ours.

Then a few weeks ago, Brandon mentioned that he wants to buy a house. We started thinking about moving away, and looking at homes online, and in the past few weeks we’ve talked about little else.

white picket fence my ideal home_jpg1

Suddenly, my apartment seemed less appealing. It felt small and cramped. I started to resent the expensive monthly rent. I hated that we live in such close proximity to neighbors and that it’s not really ours, but owned by someone else. My mindset shifted, and though my apartment remained the same as the apartment I have always loved I was unhappy with where I was in the moment.

Though this is a small example of balancing goals with living in the moment, I think it’s a good reminder to not let my goals get in way of my enjoyment of the present.


Even though I don’t own a house yet, I can still feel bliss and find balance in my apartment. It’s great to keep my goals in mind, but it’s not beneficial to think “I’ll finally be happy when I have X.” I know that when we’re living in that house, there will be times I look back at my apartment and yearn for the feeling I had when I lived there. So while we’re saving for a house, I will continue to find little joys in my apartment and savor the moment.