Bowling counts as exercise, right?

When Brandon and I first met and started dating, both of our social lives revolved around hanging out with friends at bars. Catching up over a beer (or two, or three) was the norm. I consider myself a pretty social person, and love meeting up with friends throughout the week and weekend to balance work and time spent at home. I found myself at a point where I was drinking far too much alcohol during the week, which I know was affecting my health negatively.

Slowly, Brandon and I started taking steps to get healthier (and save money!). We joined a gym, started eating out less and began cooking more healthy meals at home. The hardest change of all was to drastically reduce our drinking. It wasn’t difficult because we missed alcohol per se, but because drinking is the social activity of choice among our group of friends. We quickly realized doing the standard bar meet-up while being the only ones not drinking was too difficult. Instead, we’ve tried to find other activities that will be fun sans alcohol. We’ve had lots of game nights and bowling nights, and we’re looking for more fun alcohol free activities.

Since we’ve been spending a lot of time at home in lieu of going out to bars when Brandon’s brother invited us bowling Wednesday night we decided it would be a fun way to break up the week. I had planned on going to the gym in the evening, but sometimes you just need time to socialize! It’s all about balance, right?

Before we left for the bowling alley we ate one of our favorite snacks.


Grilled artichokes! The sauce on the side is a mix of mayo, sriracha and capers (sounds weird but it’s so good!).

We headed up to the bowling alley to meet Brandon’s brother Mike, his girlfriend Abby, and a few of Mike’s friends.



I must say, the shoes at the bowling alley near Mike’s house are not nearly as nice as the ones near ours. But they’re neon, at least! My bowling game is improving and I broke 100 again. We played two games and had fun chatting with Mike and Abby.

I was planning on getting up early in the morning to squeeze in a workout, but after getting home late I decided sleep was worth it. I think it was a good decision, but I will definitely be going this evening.