Last Personal Training Session

Earlier this week I completed my final free session with my personal trainer. I left the last session feeling like I had a solid background for weight training on my own.

Our last session involved chest and back exercises (with a little core work mixed in).

Resistance Training Exercises
Chest Press
Chest Fly
Incline Chest Press
Incline Chest Fly
Lat Pull
Seated Row
Back Extensions


Core/Balance/Stability Exercises
Exercise Ball Crunches
Exercise Ball Twists
Hanging Leg Lifts


My personal trainer supplied all the basics, and thinks these will help get me started for the first month or so of weight training. I made a follow-up appointment for a month out so I can pick up some new techniques and check to make sure I’m on track.

I was excited to apply my knowledge yesterday morning and went through my roster of leg exercises. After I did legs day with my personal trainer last week it was difficult to walk for two days. However, after my workout my legs weren’t really sore at all so I need to make sure I’m doing the exercises correctly or up my weight. Good thing I scheduled a check-in!