Wine Tasting in Sonoma and New-to-Me Foods

Sunday afternoon, Brandon and I had the best “day date” in Sonoma. I woke up still a bit sore from the race and decided to forego a morning gym trip. I always get excited when Brandon has a weekend day off with me, and we decided to go all out on Sunday to make the most of it.

After getting ready we headed grabbed coffee at Dr. Insomniac in downtown Novato. We also grabbed a pastry for the road, a blueberry cream cheese scuffin (scone/muffin) which was amazing. I can’t believe I’ve never had a scuffin until now! Genius.

Next, we headed to Toast for breakfast. Brandon got the Huevos Rancheros, which is delicious, and the dish I usually get when we eat there. I decided to branch out and ordered a Lasagna Frittata, which was basically an egg frittata covered in mozzarella which gave it a lasagna taste. I mentioned to Brandon this might be a good alternative to lasagna (since he has Type 1 diabetes, we try to limit carbs for home meals), but I’m not sure it would become a breakfast staple for me.

For our daytime activity, we visited a few wineries in Sonoma. Since they’re less than 20 minutes from our house, it’s really convenient for us to visit these wineries and they have incredible views. Our first stop was at Gloria Ferrer, a winery that specializes in sparkling wines. A visit to the winery is worth it for the view from the patio alone. Check out this view:



Amazing, right? We felt very fancy sitting on the patio gazing out on the vineyards.


Always classy! Next, we visited Jacuzzi Family Vineyards which is our favorite winery in the Sonoma area. They give free tastings (most tastings are at least $5 per flight), and the wines are incredible. They have a great family history, and a great Italian-style patio in the back.


Standing in the vineyard.

We had to cut our visit short because Brandon’s sister, who lives in Tennessee, was in town briefly and wanted to see us.


It was my first time meeting her since she doesn’t visit often, and I was happy she had a chance to stop by and say hello!

We ended the night with another new-to-me food at a sushi restaurant in San Rafael.


This was a vegetarian roll that was featured as a special called the ABCG roll. In it is avocado, basil, cream cheese, and garlic and it’s covered in pesto. Brandon was really skeptical, but I was intrigued and insisted we order it. It was delicious! A nice variation from our standard Spicy Tuna Roll.

Our day of delicious eats and wine tasting in Sonoma was incredible, and Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Can’t wait for this Sunday!

Sunday in Sonoma

I was looking forward to last weekend for one particular reason…Brandon and I had two days off together! I work Monday through Friday and he usually works on the weekend, with the occasional Sunday off. He had Sunday and Monday off (for Labor Day) and we were so excited to spend two whole days together!

We decided to spend Sunday exploring the square in downtown Sonoma, a popular tourist destination. We grabbed coffee in a cute bakery on the square and then headed to our real destination of the day, The Cheese Factory! The Cheese Factory is my favorite place to visit on the square since you can sample many varieties of cheese for free. While cheese tasting, we were coaxed into adding a wine tasting as well. Not that much coaxing was needed…


After our tasting we meandered around the square, even taking a nap in the park the lies in the square’s center. It was a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!