Fitness Goals

Joining the gym a few months ago totally transformed my views of health and fitness. Prior to becoming a “gym rat” I did the bare minimum, and while I wasn’t overweight I definitely wasn’t in shape either. As I’ve slowly increased my fitness routine I’ve become stronger, more confident, gotten sick less, and had a huge boost in my mood. While the benefits have been huge, I know I’ve really only dipped my toes in the fitness water. Recently, I decided to develop some short-term fitness goals to help me expand my exercise regime in the right direction.

Fitness Goals
Try a few new machines
Try a group fitness class
Train for a 5K
Get on a fitness schedule (either all morning or all evening workouts)
Extend my cardio sessions

I’m already working on a few of these goals. Last night before I did my regular cardio workout, I tried a machine I’ve been eyeing but hadn’t yet worked up the courage to try:


The rower! I don’t know why this machine intimidated me so much because once I hopped on I found it fairly easy to maintain good form and I worked up a sweat almost immediately. I didn’t spend too long on this machine because I wanted to ease into it, but I’ll definitely be incorporating it more often.

A few months ago I signed up for my first 5K, which will be on November 2nd.


Running is possibly my least favorite form of exercise, so by signing up for a 5K I hoped that having an end goal would motivate me to run more. I’ve run on the treadmill a few times, but kept my cardio workouts mostly on the elliptical. With a month to go before the 5K, I need to step it up and get in a few more running workouts each week.

Another goal that is easily attainable is extending my cardio workouts. For this, I need to devote a little more time to the gym. A slightly more difficult goal will be getting on a consistent schedule. Right now my workouts are scattered between getting up early on the weekends and trying to get up early before work (this has been far more difficult than I’d hoped hah) and going really late at night when my morning workouts fall through. Does anyone have tips for getting on a schedule?

Trying a group fitness class will also be a little more difficult since my gym is pretty tiny and doesn’t offer many. I have quite a few friends who are into Power Fit and Cross Fit, so I may try a class with them (eek!).

I hope that the above goals are reasonable enough that I can make small steps towards them in the near future. My overall goal is to slowly increase my fitness routine until I reach a higher, but sustainable, level of fitness.