Things I Love About Fall

I am absolutely loving the transition from summer to fall! I grew up in Arizona where there are few seasons and the transition from summer to winter (there really isn’t a fall season) consists of the weather changing from unbearably hot to mildly chilly. You know winter has arrived in Arizona when the weather dips below 80 degrees and people start breaking out their sweatshirts. When I transferred colleges and moved to California, I did not own a single pair of shoes that was not sandals (true story!).

Though I’m still not a huge fan of winter, as mild as it may be in the Bay Area, I absolutely love the slight chill in the air, the changing of leaves and all the other little things that signal that fall has arrived.

Here are a few things I’m loving about fall:

Pumpkin Candles


This candle from Bath and Body Works has been burning non-stop at our place. I don’t usually buy pricey candles from Bath and Body Works but Brandon’s mom picked it up for us as a gift and we love it. Every time we walk in we comment on how great the house smells!

Snuggle Time with the Pups


This little guy is never one to turn down snuggle time, but he’s always especially snuggly when it starts getting chilly outside!

New Shoes for Fall

I got a littttlllleee carried away at DSW last weekend while getting ready for fall. I’ve been eyeing new black boots for a while since my current black boots are falling apart. The weather has gotten significantly cooler in the past week so I knew now is the time! I also bought a grey pair of ked-like shoes to give myself an option besides boots on casual days. Finally, I picked up a pair of black pumps that are matte on top and patent leather on the bottom. I have a pair of open toed black wedges I wear to work, but I really wanted a pair of classic pumps. These Liz Claiborne pumps were on clearance and at $20 they were a steal!

Dreaming About Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday! We always have a huge meal with some close family friends, including my friend Allison who I’ve known since kindergarten. We’ve missed out the past two years since we’ve been spread out across the country, but we’ll all be in one place this Thanksgiving so the tradition will live on. Also, Brandon is coming with me to Arizona for the first time this Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to share the holiday with him.

As a new year approaches, I’m going to focus on appreciating the little things that make me happy and savoring each season!

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